Singing Bowl Sound Bath Meditation  3.7.2020  (10am - Noon)
-with Cindy Horbach, Harmonic Sound Therapist & Reiki Master

$25/ per person (registration encouraged / space limited)
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Join us for a morning of relaxation while being bathed in the vibrations of Himalayan Singing Bowls, played by practitioner artist Cindy Horbach. Cindy is a Harmonic Sound Therapist and Reiki Master. Harmonic Sound Therapy is an effective modality that uses vibrational sound to reduce stress, alter consciousness, a deep sense of peace, well-being and pain relief.

Many ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures have used sound to heal and access higher levels of consciousness. Ancient instruments including Tibetan-Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, bells, drums, and rattles are struck and sung in specific patterns with intention to create a vibrational sound harmonic. This impacts the sympathetic (flight or flight) nervous system as your brain waves synchronize to the vibration of the instrument. The harmonic vibrations engage the parasympathetic relaxation response, slowing down the respiration, brain, and heart rate thus disrupting pain reflex and unease, creating a deep sense of well-being while promoting response at the cellular level.

-Suggestion to bring your own mat and wear comfortable clothing. Blankets, bolsters, eye coverings and other props are available in the studio.


Mantras & Mudras: Theory and Practice  4.4.2020  (10am - Noon)
-with Sarah Gorham, E-RYT

$20/ per person (registration encouraged / space limited)
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So... what are Mantras, and what do they mean? How can I use a Mantra to enhance my everyday yoga practice?
Humm... Mudras? Hand positions? How do the various Mudras work to energize my subtle anatomy?
We will try to answer these questions and more by learning about the meanings and origins of some of the yoga world’s most well-known and widely-used Mantras and Mudras. No experience is necessary for this introductory session.
Dress for yoga and expect a gentle physical practice as well as hands-on time with the ancient practices of Mantra and Mudra. Bring your own yoga mat or borrow one of ours.

*Sarah Gorham (E-RYT) has been teaching yoga for LAYA and other organizations in the Brainerd Lakes Area since 2006.