Yoga is for everyone.

We offer a variety of classes for every level and style and each class offers variations to suit your level of ability.

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Class Descriptions

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Gentle Yoga, with Jess
For those new to yoga, or experienced students: a potpourri of yoga practices in a casual, friendly atmosphere. You don’t have to stand on your head or twist yourself into a pretzel to receive the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Easily-accessible yoga poses can lead to increased mobility/flexibility throughout the body, pain reduction, stress-relief, relaxation and an enhanced sense of well-being. We combine gentle yoga poses with Vinyasa flow and mix in elements of Pranayama (breathwork), relaxation, laughter and continuing education on many aspects of yoga. Appropriate for students of any age or ability.

Exploring Yoga, with Jess
Exploring Yoga is all about the journey of discovery. This class blends a variety of yoga practices and postures with a goal to relax the mind and strengthen the body. Using a slower flow, we learn how to incorporate the breath to soothe and nourish our muscles and joints. This exploration will encourage you to feel at home in your body, disconnect from stress triggers and develop your awareness to harbor inner peace. Whether you are new to Yoga Asana (postures), or looking to deepen your practice, this class offers something for everyone.

Yoga as Therapy,  with Rob
This class will study the effects of gravity on the body especially the joints of the body. “Gravity can be your best friend or worst enemy”.
Attention to detail will be placed on the alignment principles of the yoga postures. This will be a prop supported practice. Various breathing techniques and the importance of nutrition will also be discussed to help aid in a skillful practice.  Six months of previous yoga experience is recommended all ages and body types are welcome.

Beginning Yoga,  with Rob

This class is designed for those who have little or no experience with modern day yoga practice. A simple definition of yoga: to join or "yolk" together heart, body, and mind to help contribute to a more complete human experience. We will explore the importance of good posture, anatomy, relaxed deep breathing, and techniques for calming and centering the mind.
 Appropriate for all ages and body types and also for those with some experience but wish for a more gentle form of the practice. 
 "My 20 plus years of teaching and practice will joyfully be shared!" - ROB
**Please, no active injuries. 

Continuing Yoga,  with Rob

This class is for those who have previous yoga experience.  Emphasis will be placed on further refinement of alignment principles and coordination with the movement of the body with the natural rhythm and flow of the breath.  The various flavors of the postures; standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, and inversions, will be explored within the framework of each practice. 
 We encourage longer holds with less intensity allowing the body to skillfully move to its edges - thus avoiding pain. 
 "My 20 years of teaching and practicing will be joyfully shared!" - ROB

​Yin Yoga, with Rachel Kohn
In Yin yoga we are going to work your body's connective tissues.  It is a soft, slow approach to waking up these tissues (fascia, tendons, ligaments) to expand flexibility, release blockages and increase energy flow.  You will be encouraged to not use your muscles but to find your version of the pose, come to an "edge" and hold for time.  Without the distraction of constant movement and muscle engagement, your connective tissue has the opportunity to stretch and you are able to go deeper into a pose.  
Yin may be for you if you are tight due to repetitive movement from sports, a job that keeps you in the same position for hours, or you are feeling the effects of an aging body.  It is also a great stress reducer for body and mind as we hold poses in stillness without distraction releasing tension that is deeply ingrained in our muscles.