Yoga is for everyone.

We offer a variety of classes for every level and style and each class offers variations to suit your level of ability.

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Available Classes

YOGA FOR STRESS MANAGEMENT:This is a 5-week series.  You will be introduced to the experience of yoga asana (poses or postures) helping to relieve tension in the body and mind caused by stress. Yoga poses in general have a calming effect, and we'll focus on common areas where tension can build: neck, shoulders, stomach and hips.  Learn how yoga can be a holistic way to build resilience to stress triggers.  We all experience stress, it's how you choose to deal with it that counts.  All levels of experience and skills are welcome!

YOGA FOR BEGINNERS: If you have been wanting to try yoga, now is the time. Instructor Trish Keating will be teaching a 75 minute beginner yoga class on Monday evening at 4:30pm in the Franklin Arts Center Studio. In this class we will, strengthen our bodies and gain flexibility, learn breath and breathing techniques, learn basic yoga poses, and incorporate those poses into a choreographed vinyasa flow. 


YOGA WITH KAITLYN. Getting together to stimulate our bodies while relaxing our minds. In this yoga class we will be practicing balance, strength, and flexibility. We will be working through traditional and non-traditional styles of Yoga Asana’s “poses,”breath work, and Shavasana’s “relaxation.”  Join us as we turn inward to practice finding a little more peace and balance in our day to day lives.

MID-WEEK BREATHER:  with Jazzi. In this slow flowing class, students will synchronize breath with movement in a heated room, around 75-78 degrees. This is a great class for those who want the benefits of the warm room without the speed and intensity that often comes with a vinyasa or power yoga class. It is also a great class if you are looking to settle your nervous system or get a really good night’s sleep. In this class, you will open and stretch your muscles with slow movement, careful alignment and conscious breath work. It won’t be easy or lazy, just slow, thoughtful, and grounding.

TUESDAY MORNING GENTLE YOGA:  For those new to yoga, or experienced students: a potpourri of yoga practices in a casual, friendly atmosphere. You don’t have to stand on your head or twist yourself into a pretzel to receive the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Easily-accessible yoga poses can lead to increased mobility/flexibility, improved core strength and upper body conditioning, along with pain reduction in stiff or achy joints. We combine gentle yoga poses with vinyasa flow and mix in elements of pranayama (breathwork), relaxation, laughter and continuing education on many aspects of yoga. Appropriate for students of any age or ability.

GENTLE INTRO TO YOGA:  This Nisswa class with Rob combines the lessons of Intro to Yoga with the approach of Gentle Yoga. Appropriate for those who feel they are challenged in the areas of flexibility and mobility; open to all ages, sizes and levels of experience.

CONTINUING YOGA: Continuing Yoga with Rob in Nisswa. Continuing Yoga moves on from Intro and Gentle Yoga to include some more challenging work. Expect some upper-body strengthening and inversions along with Rob’s excellent teachings on alignment. Appropriate for students with at least six months’ yoga experience. 

FRIDAY RESTORATIVE:  This class is designed to leave you feeling refreshed, peaceful and in a better state of mind than when you walked in the door. Expect a mix of gentle yoga, yoga nidra (“the sleep of the yogis”), yin yoga, breathwork (pranayama) and restorative yoga, along with the time and space to relax the mind. Relish, release and refresh! This class is open to all, regardless of experience, ability, age or size.  

Returning soon: MINDFUL MEDITATION:  In this class, one will acquire the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation, and living a Mindful approach to life. We will learn the practice of Mindfulness Meditation and be guided in several meditations to increase awareness of our amazing selves as well as to in help in our relaxation and alleviating stress; thus becoming healthier mentally and physically through this practice.