Yoga is for everyone.

We offer a variety of classes for every level and style and each class offers variations to suit your level of ability.

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Class Descriptions

Power Vinyasa Flow, with Amy
Power Vinyasa Flow links breath with movement in a dynamic, flowing practice which cultivates strength, flexibility, balance, focus and endurance.  While this class is modifiable for beginners, experience with chatturunga, sun salutations and spinal twists is recommended.

Gentle Yoga, with Sandy 
For those new to yoga, or experienced students: a potpourri of yoga practices in a casual, friendly atmosphere. You don’t have to stand on your head or twist yourself into a pretzel to receive the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Easily-accessible yoga poses can lead to increased mobility/flexibility throughout the body, pain reduction, stress-relief, relaxation and an enhanced sense of well-being. We combine gentle yoga poses with Vinyasa flow and mix in elements of Pranayama (breathwork), relaxation, laughter and continuing education on many aspects of yoga. Appropriate for students of any age or ability.

Exploring Yoga, with Jess
Exploring Yoga is all about the journey of discovery. This class blends a variety of yoga practices and postures with a goal to relax the mind and strengthen the body. Using a slower flow, we learn how to incorporate the breath to soothe and nourish our muscles and joints. This exploration will encourage you to feel at home in your body, disconnect from stress triggers and develop your awareness to harbor inner peace. Whether you are new to Yoga Asana (postures), or looking to deepen your practice, this class offers something for everyone.

 Barre Fusion, with Amy
This class combines movements of ballet, Pilates and yoga in a dynamic, powerful workout set to energizing music. Sculpt and tone your muscles while stretching for elongation. It’s a great way to get moving in a lunch-hour friendly format; you'll get your heart rate up, but not like you ran a race.  No previous ballet experience necessary, but you may leave feeling like a dancer!

Vinyasa Flow, with Jazzi
"Go with the Flow" - This is an eccentric class that is based off of music and the student's energies in class.  Expect sun salutations, music, and a focus on breath. 

Yoga as Therapy,  with Rob
This class will study the effects of gravity on the body especially the joints of the body. “Gravity can be your best friend or worst enemy”.
Attention to detail will be placed on the alignment principles of the yoga postures. This will be a prop supported practice. Various breathing techniques and the importance of nutrition will also be discussed to help aid in a skillful practice.  Six months of previous yoga experience is recommended all ages and body types are welcome.

**The last Thursday of each month will be devoted to restorative yoga no experience necessary.