Classes meet at Franklin Arts Center Studio #228, 1001 Kingwood Ave in Brainerd, 56401

To have the best experience, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.  Be prepared to be barefoot (not required, but optimal). Bring your own mat if you have one; if not, we have plenty at the studio for you to use.  Along with mats, we have many props, Props, PROPS!

Do Yoga. Feel Better.

To Our Yoga Community:
LAYA was founded as a not-for-profit educational organization in 1995.  We were the only place in the Brainerd Lakes Area to be offering yoga classes in those days.  Yoga was not nearly as “mainstream” in the late 1990s as it is today, and we struggled to survive those first few years, with lots of help from our friends who found our classes to be worthwhile and beneficial.

One of the ways we survived that time was by offering LAYA Memberships.  Memberships were paid by community donors to help us survive and begin to thrive as yoga started to build in popularity. 

 LAYA in the Time of Coronavirus
We are now in our second mandated gym/fitness center closing, and it may be weeks or months into 2021 before we are able to open our studio doors again.
 LAYA will not be able to financially survive an extended shutdown.  It looks like we have enough money to limp into early next year. 

Sadly, we are looking at a possible end to LAYA after 25 years of operation.

LAYA Memberships
The LAYA board of directors and staff are asking the community for help in the form of memberships.
Memberships are a donation to LAYA, and can be claimed on your state (but not federal) tax returns.  (The reason for the state-not-federal situation is because LAYA is registered as a Minnesota non-profit, but does not have 501(c)(3) status.) We need about $400/month for rent, phone, web page, business software, manager and teacher dues, and a few other expenses.   

Membership  levels

$15 keeps us alive for about a day
$60 keeps us alive for about four days
$100 keeps us alive for about a week
$400 keeps us alive for about a month

Here is how you can help:
We hope you will consider sponsoring a day, a week, a month or more by making an immediate donation/membership purchase.

LAYA’s Plans for the Future
If we are able to survive the mandated shutdown, we have many exciting opportunities coming in 2021!
More Singing Bowl Sound Baths
Candlelight meditations
Nutrition workshops
Chakra workshops
Painting as moving meditation workshop
Vision Board workshops
Expand our weekly classes
Bring on more teachers
and SO much more!

Our first plan is LAYA going ONLINE!
LAYA is hoping to get up and running with online classes in the near future. Would you please take our short 5 question survey to help us as we prepare to make this transition? ​

Class Prices and Packages

$60 Monthly Unlimited Pass 
6 classes for $75
$15 Drop-in

*Pricing applies to all classes

Register & pay for classes online.

Select a class and use the Sign Up link below to register and pay.