**CLASS CANCELLATION: Wednesday’s Warm Vinyasa Flow classes, 6:30pm, are on hiatus.  We hope to re-start this class again soon!


YOGA NEWS:  We have partnered with Karmady Yoga and Fitness to offer a YOGA TEACHER TRAINING starting in March!  This will be a 200 hour RYT and in-depth yoga study. Click here for more info and to register. Please contact us with any questions.

Lakes Area Yoga Current Schedule…



The Lakes Area Yoga Association was founded in 1995 as a non-profit association dedicated to bringing Yoga to the Lakes area.

We currently have three Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT, 200 or 500 hours, Yoga Alliance) teaching classes for us. They, along with our business managers and equipment manager, provide Yoga to hundreds of students every year. As a non-profit organization, we depend entirely on class fees to operate.

Our classes are generally eclectic and vary with each teacher’s background. Our teachers respect each individual’s abilities and needs, and offer appropriate variations and props for the asanas (poses) as appropriate. We make Yoga accessible to all, regardless of age, size or abilities.  As yoga has proliferated in the Lakes area, and throughout the country, we have begun to specialize in gentle, restorative and therapeutic styles of yoga.

LAYA offers classes year-round in Brainerd,  with a variety of levels and experiences available.  We also offer classes in Nisswa, during the school year at the Nisswa School.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you are interested in taking a Yoga class

What is Yoga?
The word yoga is from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to yoke or bind. It is often interpreted as meaning a union of the mind, body and spirit, or the union between Breath and Movement. There are many branches of Yoga, but most commonly practiced in the West is Hatha Yoga, the more physical aspect of Yoga. Though Hatha Yoga began as a preparation for sitting in meditation for long periods, it is often practiced for its health benefits, both physical and psychological.
Hatha yoga focuses on practicing poses (called asanas) and stretches designed to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and awareness. However, unlike stretching or fitness, Yoga is more than just a physical workout. Yoga connects the movement of the body and the fluctuations of the mind to the movement of the breath. Connecting the mind, body, and breath helps us to direct our attention inward and make us more aware of our experiences from moment to moment. Your body will most likely become much stronger and more flexible by doing Yoga, and so will your mind, awareness, and emotional state.

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